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David E. Jones

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Uncle Johns Cider Mill

  1. Uncle Johns Cider Mill Reviews

    Saint Johns
    8614 N US Hwy 27
    Average Rating: four.5 from 5 (19 Reviews)
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    Review by Jennifer C.
    A several years ago you came to uncle Johns plus had a fantastic time. This year, it left several points to be desired. Namely the cinnamon glucose donuts. If you…
    Rating: 3

    Review by levramosis H.
    I came to Uncle Johns for the Great Lakes Cider plus Perry tasting event. The event became a strong 3.5 stars. It became a fun event with a lot of difficult ciders to…
    Rating: 3

    Review by Andrea E.
    Im tempted to provide this destination 5 stars merely for their kangaroo jumper alone, yet the rest of it deserves the 5 stars moreover. For those which dont recognize a…
    Rating: 5

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